Music and Death


Today I’d like to recommend you two songs. The first one isn’t really that new still and gets played on German radio station EinsLive every now and then, too. To some of you I mentioned this song already back in February, but this won’t keep me from doing so again here and now. I’m talking about “I’ll Kill Her” by SoKo. Such a wonderfully shy voice, charming French accent and simple music.

Song number 2 is a completely different cup of tea. I discovered it while listening to the web radio Techno4ever. It’s a cover version of an eighties song and thus surely not everyone’s taste. Based on the 1986 #1 hit “(I Just) Died In Your Arms” by Cutting Crew and a former cover of that, a great song with a somewhat longish name was created: Alex M. vs Marc van Damme feat. Jorg Schmid – Died In Your Arms


Author: Tobias

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