20. Februar 2009
von Tobias
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Bumper Sticker

[lang_en]So true by earthdog (found on Flickr)[/lang_en][lang_de]So true von earthdog (gefunden bei Flickr)[/lang_de] [lang_en]Would it be justifiable, to put stickers onto a car – this would be on top of my list. (No, Adrian, Phantasialand stickers are out too!)[/lang_en] [lang_de]Wäre … Weiterlesen

8. September 2008
von Tobias
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WordPress Zooomr Manager

[lang_en]When Zooomr released it’s API to the public earlier this summer, I hoped someone would use it to add Zooomr support to WordPress. This topic became important again, when my brother began to fill up our precious webspace with more … Weiterlesen