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When Zooomr released it’s API to the public earlier this summer, I hoped someone would use it to add Zooomr support to WordPress. This topic became important again, when my brother began to fill up our precious webspace with more and more photos. I recommended Zooomr to him as a hosting service for his pictures, but since he’s not that much of a techie, I started thinking about an easier way to add Zooomr photos to WordPress articles than looking up the photo URLs by hand at Zooomr. This is how I found Trent Gardner’s great WordPress Flickr Manager – a plugin for just this purpose. Unfortunately the plugin is focussed on Flickr as you can guess by the name.

So I had to rewrite some of the code to match it Zooomr’s API and to my honest surprise it worked quite well. The plugin reached sort of a first stable alpha and although not all features supported by WordPress Flickr Manager are working, the most important of them do. This is a feature matrix of WordPress Zooomr Manager:

Application authentification working
Inserting photos into posts working
JS Lightbox viewer working
Sorting by smart sets working
Managing your photos in WordPress working
Plugin options working
Uploading photos to Zooomr untested
Inserting photos sets untested
JS Highslide viewer untested
Tag search not working
Changing image size buggy
Internationalization unsupported
Labels changed from “Flickr” to “Zooomr” nah

Because I’m a bit short of spare time right now, I’m gonna release the modified plugin in it’s current state. I’d LOVE to see someone improve it or – even better – integrate both Flickr and Zooomr support into Trent’s WordPress Flickr Manager. If you need further information on the modified code or the Zooomr API, I will happily provide it for you as far as I can.

WordPress Zooomr Manager

Download WordPress Zooomr Manager

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