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Because I have to trade casual nekkidness against shirt and tie soon, I was looking for a low priced cleaning service here in Paderborn today. Since results are applicable and so maybe of interest to others, I made a short list of charges for shirts and other possible dis-/advantages of these services:

Grünewald GmbH: 1.80 €; large parking lot at no charge; Marktkauf right next to it; closes at 20:00
Die Textilpflege: 1.85 €; kind personal; in exceptional cases cleaning over night; chargeable parking at the underground parking lot Königsplatz
Textilreinigung W. Meier: 1.85 €; pickup and delivery service (5 € inside of Paderborn); closes at 18:30
Ruhe Textilreinigung GmbH: 1.85 €; noone reachable by phone at 19:45 o’clock; chargeable parking at the car park Liborigalerie

To my disappointment none of the companies offers a flatrate. Usually the shirts are ready for pickup after two days everywhere. Except for Die Textilpflege all the imployees I talked to were so impolite, it caught my eye – and I do consider myself as being quite tolerant toward a lack of service.

Update: On my way home from work I stopped at Waschsalon Karin (somtimes called Waschsalon Isik u. Kelinc as well) in Sennelager today. And guess what – they elude the dictates of the textile care cartel here. 1.60 € per shirt for dry cleaning, 2.10 € for washing, ironing and locker-ready. In addition they do have a real nice employee and I cannot help feeling you could bargain for a package deal or a flatrate – maybe that’s because of the owner’s origin…

Author: Tobias

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