Long Channels Of Supply


After about four weeks the repair manual for my Pacer arrived from the USA yesterday. Now I only have to pick it up in Bellenberg to finally immerse myself into the subject. In particular the somewhat opinionated braking characteristics are preventing a registration of the car currently. Already low brake pressure is enough to block the front left wheel. I discovered this when I was about 500 meters away from the seller’s house while approaching the first red light. That raised my stress level for the rest of the transfer fairly which is why I’d like to tackle this problem as fast as possible.

Just in time for the literature supply a package of spare parts from Austria is on its way to me. It took a bit longer than I expected at first, but the important thing is I can start soon. All this great weather lately got me more and more nervous and I can hardly wait anymore to go for a cruise in the evening.

Author: Tobias

Hallo, ich bin Tobias. Meine Leidenschaft gilt alten Autos. Je ausgefallener desto besser. Im Alltag schwöre ich auf meinen treuen '88 Volvo 745 und im Laufe der Zeit sammelten sich daneben in der Garage noch ein '79 AMC Pacer, ein '70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ein '90 Toyota Sera und ein '94 Mazda 121 Ginza. Wenn ich gerade nicht an den Autos herumschraube, lasse ich den Nerd raushängen und schreibe hier irgendwas zu Online- und IT-Themen, Filmen oder Musik. Ihr findet mich auch .


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