Conspirative Meeting


As Adrian already wrote a few times, we are planning to participate in the rallye Dresden-Dakar-Banjul in November this year. In preparation Adrian had planned a first meeting of the insane daring Africa travellers for last Friday night. Since we are gonna split up into two teams and I still had to find a co-driver, Adrian’s friend Antje stepped up to join. So this was our first opportunity to get to know each other a bit. Obviously I didn’t leave such a bad impression that it would stop Antje from taking part in the rallye.

We also discussed some organizational issues. Besides from the important question of how much it would cost us, we had a talk about such minor points like vaccinations, visas, acquisition of sponsors or team names. At the end of the evening we finally registered our teams at the organizers’ website. By now we are listed as team #195 and #196. The big, unanswered question of the night is still existing though: What’s the meaning of our team name? We really don’t know!

Tonight I met my old friend Oliver who beat us to the draw and took part in this February’s rallye challenge with his team “Steinheim goes Afrika”. He had some quite good hints for us and tried insitently to hold me off from going to Gambia in a Mazda 121 DB. In fact this encourages me even more to do so. I think…

His main arguments against using a 121 were it’s missing all-wheel-drive, the tiny space it offers as well as it’s low clearance resulting in lesser fun going off-road. Nothing you can’t countervail with some improvisation paired with a good load of momentum, I guess.

Author: Tobias

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