28. September 2009
von Tobias
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[lang_en]Exceeding Planned Production Target[/lang_en][lang_de]Plansollübererfüllung[/lang_de]

[lang_en]Being awarded with this year’s „Hero of Labor“ decoration should be certain to me. That is because the planned production target for 2009 is met in this very minute. A cheer for meritocracy![/lang_en] [lang_de]Die Auszeichnung als „Held der Arbyte“ ist mir in … Weiterlesen

27. November 2008
von Tobias
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[lang_en]Hard Decision[/lang_en][lang_de]Schwere Entscheidung[/lang_de]

[lang_en]While driving home from a 12-hour working day I heard the song „I Can’t Decide“ by the Scissor Sisters on the radio. Cheered me up enough to get home where a dry martini and a hot shower saved my day. … Weiterlesen