8. Mai 2008
von Tobias
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[lang_en]Multiple blogs with a single WordPress installation[/lang_en][lang_de]Mehrere Blogs mit einer einzigen WordPress-Installation[/lang_de]

[lang_en]When I started setting up the blogs some days ago, I began to create subdomains and subdirectories on the server where I could install WordPress. Soon I discovered, how complicated and prone to errors this procedure can be and started … Weiterlesen

6. Mai 2008
von Tobias
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[lang_en]Multilingual blogging using WordPress[/lang_en][lang_de]Mehrsprachiges Bloggen mit WordPress[/lang_de]

[lang_en]As said before, I wanted to blog bilingual in English and German for quite some time. Translating my posts into Swedish as well is a bit too much effort compared to the number of potential readers, I guess. Even though … Weiterlesen