25. Juli 2008
von Tobias
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[lang_en]Even more feeds[/lang_en][lang_de]Noch mehr Feeds[/lang_de]

[lang_en]Like I promised to my brother, I started working on a news feed for the marketplace of Contrary to my expectations the problem in this case was not so much the caching mechanism I had to implement. I had … Weiterlesen

5. Juli 2008
von Tobias
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[lang_en]Frollein Kuttner’s Feed[/lang_en][lang_de]Frollein Kuttners Feed[/lang_de]

[lang_en]Being a longtime fan of Sarah Kuttner, I was happy to hear she’s producing a new little show these days. The announcement of „Kuttners Kleinanzeigen“ was some weeks ago and I almost forgot until yesterday evening, so I checked her … Weiterlesen