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Adrian gave it away already: For some months I’ve been looking for a suitable place to store one or even better a few cars. Accident came to my aid in December. Parking spaces would be for rent in the underground garage of the hotel next door, our caretaker told me. Apart from affordable rates this underground garage’s advantage is a connecting door to the basement of the house I live in. So I crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s this week, signed a contract and rented four spaces. Definitely planned for increment. One of the spaces is reserved for Adrian. One is occupied by my daily driver, the Volvo 740. Leaves two to be filled. Right after signing the contract I started thinking about how to expand our vehicle fleet. A coupé would be nice. Or a gran turismo. In any case something rear-wheel driven with more displacement than half a supermarket parking lot full of compact cars.

In the course of my quest I drove to a local Polish backyard car dealer this morning, who advertises a car on which would meet these demands. Unfortunately the rest of it does not quite fit my idea of the car I’m looking for: A mediocre paint job at best, in a color which does not fit the original one, rusting fender tips and water ingress into the interior caused by ramshackled rubber gaskets dampened my first enthusiasm. While the dealer answered my questions quite honestly and openly, I already thought about whether the effort of a major restoration wouldn’t pay off. Barring the moisture the interior is in somewhat good shape at first glance. Technically the car which was imported from Oregon would be in good condition too, the dealer assured me. So the basis does not look too bad. However an extensive restoration would exceed the primarily set financial bounds by far. I had to slow myself down a bit and asked for a test drive at the next weekend. This should give me some time to think about it and the rest of the family might get the opportunity to take a look at the car as well.

Author: Tobias

Hallo, ich bin Tobias. Meine Leidenschaft gilt alten Autos. Je ausgefallener desto besser. Im Alltag schwöre ich auf meinen treuen '88 Volvo 745 und im Laufe der Zeit sammelten sich daneben in der Garage noch ein '79 AMC Pacer, ein '70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ein '90 Toyota Sera und ein '94 Mazda 121 Ginza. Wenn ich gerade nicht an den Autos herumschraube, lasse ich den Nerd raushängen und schreibe hier irgendwas zu Online- und IT-Themen, Filmen oder Musik. Ihr findet mich auch .


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