Detour To Mülheim


After arriving in Mülheim at the Ruhr, the son of the seller welcomed us. They had some of these models, he said and asked, if we would be interested in taking a look at his current project. Well, of course we had. He led us down to a garage in the basement and we figured out, we weren’t dealing with another offspring of Laberbacke‘s breed. A black car stood there properly jacked up, a long row of shelves at the wall behind it holding lots of spare parts. A yellow E-Type was standing in the front area of the garage. With some intermissions they had been working for ten years at the black car now, he told us.

We drove to the storage, where we met his dad, who had already taken care of the car which is for sale. The storage packed a punch. Seven classic cars of American and British brands stood there orderly side by side. After some introducing words Adrian and I inspected the car of our interest – and what can I say? We were stunned. Despite it’s age of thirty years, the car is in excellent condition. Everything is original and perfectly maintained. Low mileage, no rust, fantastic paint. When the seller told me, he had to replace the gear gaiter by a new one made of black leather, it became clear to me, on which level we found ourselves. Even the rare radio is still in place and fully functional.

We took a look, but did find a few minor flaws at best, which you would not mention at most used cars from this millennium. I had quite some difficulties to control my euphoria until we were back in our car and heading home.

Sunday morning I called the seller, negotiated a price and sent him a purchase covenant by fax. Now he is going to exchange the petrol filter and clean the carburetor, afterwards the car is ready for handover.

Author: Tobias

Hallo, ich bin Tobias. Meine Leidenschaft gilt alten Autos. Je ausgefallener desto besser. Im Alltag schwöre ich auf meinen treuen '88 Volvo 745 und im Laufe der Zeit sammelten sich daneben in der Garage noch ein '79 AMC Pacer, ein '70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ein '90 Toyota Sera und ein '94 Mazda 121 Ginza. Wenn ich gerade nicht an den Autos herumschraube, lasse ich den Nerd raushängen und schreibe hier irgendwas zu Online- und IT-Themen, Filmen oder Musik. Ihr findet mich auch .


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