Now that the secret has been disclosed, I can tell the complete story of our vehicle fleet’s latest addition.

1969 Chrysler 300 advertisementLast year Adrian borrowed me the book “60s Cars – Vintage Auto Ads” from his comprehensive fund of literature. That’s where I discovered an advertisement for the ’67 Ford Thunderbird which blew me away because of the car’s fantastic rear lights. Unfortunately the designers seem to have made the front and the rear separately and discovered a bit too late they designed it in different width when putting all together. A likewise stunning rear end appearence could be seen in a picture of the ’69 Chrysler 300 (s. image at the right). Every time I saw this ad the car got me more interested. A bit of Internet research revealed Chrysler hadn’t only made the rear lights even nicer for the next model year, but also teamed up with Hurst Performance, producer of the famous Hurst Shifter, to produce a special variant: the Chrysler 300 Hurst. However this decision wasn’t made until the Chrysler 300 of 1970 was already well in production. Accompanied by the fact that it was hardly advertised, only 485 (or 501 – depending from source) cars were made. In the next (and last) model year 300 Hurst wasn’t offered again.

Given how rare these cars are, I didn’t expect to ever see a 300 Hurst in real life, not to mention to buy one of them. After all even the regular 300s of 1969 to 1971 are hard to find over here. In last year’s early October I finally discovered two 300s at the German car trading site A ’71 Coupé and a 300 Hurst! But I couldn’t imagine at all, a Hurst would be offered for this price. [missing content…]

Author: Tobias

Hallo, ich bin Tobias. Meine Leidenschaft gilt alten Autos. Je ausgefallener desto besser. Im Alltag schwöre ich auf meinen treuen '88 Volvo 745 und im Laufe der Zeit sammelten sich daneben in der Garage noch ein '79 AMC Pacer, ein '70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ein '90 Toyota Sera und ein '94 Mazda 121 Ginza. Wenn ich gerade nicht an den Autos herumschraube, lasse ich den Nerd raushängen und schreibe hier irgendwas zu Online- und IT-Themen, Filmen oder Musik. Ihr findet mich auch .


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