Accompanied by Adrian, his girlfriend Nici and my father, i drove to Mülheim an der Ruhr today and finally picked up my car. So three long weeks of waiting have come to an end now. As a reward everything – except for being a bit late – worked out fine: The car has been ready for pick-up, streets were dry, even the sun took a peek through the clouds every once in a while and the transfer came off without difficulty.

And because the gagging order doesn’t apply any more now, I’m gonna end the guessing game and disclose the secret. It’s a 1979 AMC Pacer D/L:

1979 AMC Pacer D/L

Party on, Wayne!

That I would buy a small car one day, noone might have expected – me included until three weeks ago! But when I stood in front of the car back then, it was plain sailing. Good condition, low quantity still existing (even in the US, I’ve read), geek factor and fancy design were a clear basis for decision-making.

And now some bare figures:

VIN: A9M667C199872
Manufacturer: AMC
Model: Pacer D/L
Initial registration: 02/1979
Color: gold-metallic/black
Engine: I-6, 258 cui (4.2 lt)
Power output: 120 hp at 4300 rpm
Torque: 288 Nm at 1800 rpm
Transmission: 4-speed manual floor shift
Layout: Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive
Dimensions: 436 x 196 x 134 cm (L x W x H) [which is 9 cm wider than the current S-class]
Options: CB radio

Author: Tobias

Hallo, ich bin Tobias. Meine Leidenschaft gilt alten Autos. Je ausgefallener desto besser. Im Alltag schwöre ich auf meinen treuen '88 Volvo 745 und im Laufe der Zeit sammelten sich daneben in der Garage noch ein '79 AMC Pacer, ein '70 Chrysler 300 Hurst, ein '90 Toyota Sera und ein '94 Mazda 121 Ginza. Wenn ich gerade nicht an den Autos herumschraube, lasse ich den Nerd raushängen und schreibe hier irgendwas zu Online- und IT-Themen, Filmen oder Musik. Ihr findet mich auch .


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